“The Witch” Movie Review

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By: Keith Davis

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

“The Witch” is a simply put, a quiet masterpiece. Horror music aficionados will revel in the creepy tone of this 90 minute marvel. Director and Writer Robert Eggers “New England Folk Tale” uses accurate speech, amazing costuming and gritty cinematography to tell the gruesome tale of religious fervor gone mad. “The Witch” is parts “The Crucible” and “The Shining” set in the “Salem Witch Trials” era of paranoia and spiritual hysteria.

The movie takes place in the 1600′s and tells the story of a family that flees to the woods after being banished by their Puritan New England township for being too “pious.” Their soon to be slice of paradise is short lived when the youngest child mysteriously disappears at the cusp of the woods. Isolated and left to their own devices there could only be one reason for this evil, there must be a witch in the woods enchanting the children. Not all the praying in the world could save this family from the evil that lurks in the woods. Or is it something less sinister?

“The Witch” unfolds like a frontier “who done it” up until the film’s last few frames.┬áThe slow pacing and unnerving score keep the tension pulsing at a steady rate. For all of it’s quiet moments the finale packs quite a wallop. ┬áThis isn’t a cliched horror retread, it is the type of methodical and insidious horror film that sticks with you for days.

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