The Ten Best Movies of 2015 (so far)

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1.) “It Follows”

A clever little horror film that feels as fresh as it does creepy. Gorgeously filmed with an intensely hypnotic soundtrack, this is the best debut film to come along in ages.


2.) “Inside Out”

Finally, a children’s movie that focuses on a girl’s perspective without pandering and cliches. Animated films do not come any more better than this.


3.) “Amy”

A heartbreaking cautionary tale that will keep you emotionally reeling as you leave the theater. “Amy” could be one of the saddest films I have ever seen.


4.) “Slow West”

A pulpy Western with bite, “Slow West” is a genre elevating modern classic. Michael Fassbender continues to prove he is one of the best actors working today.


5.) “Mad Max: Fury Road”

“Mad Max” is a fun, high octane popcorn flick with fantastic effects and stunts. This movie re-ignited a decades old franchise and stepped up the game when it comes to action films.


6.) “The Kingsman: The Secret Service”

If you were to make a hard R-rated film mix of “James Bond” and “Jason Bourne” it would look like “The Kingsman.” This witty film was a complete blast from beginning to end.


7.) “Spy”

Melissa McCarthy knocks it out of the park as a bumbling spy in this hilarious spoof. “Spy” has a ton of laughs with a soft heart.


8.) “Ex-Machina”

Sci-fi movie nerds have been waiting for a sleek, sexy science fiction thriller like this one for ages. “Ex-Machina” feels like a well crafted modern episode of “The Twilight Zone.”


9.) “A Most Violent Year”

A sleek and well paced mobster movie that deserves a wider audience. The tough performances and sharp dialogue keep the movie from falling into gangster film stereotypes and cliches.


10.) “Chappie”

If “E.T” and “Robo-Cop” were mashed-up you would get “Chappie”, except this movie is not for children at all. “Chappie” packs an emotional punch and delivers eye popping visuals.

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