“Still Alice” Movie Review

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The quiet Oscar nominated film “Still Alice” is one of those movies that perfectly showcases the talents of it’s star and informs moviegoers without pandering. Without coming off as a Lifetime movie of the week “Still Alice” shows the devastation of early set-on, hereditary Alzheimer’s Disease and educates the viewer with a detailed first hand account.

It goes without saying that Julianne Moore’s performance is riveting and moved me to tears, her performance is the clear cut winner at this year’s Academy Awards where she is nominated for Best Actress. Moore eerily captures the rapid decay of a person suffering from memory loss and perfectly highlights the fear patients feel in her acting. The film’s direction has a loose narrative which has a purposefully gradual and unclear timeline, as if to give the feeling of lost time. In the end, all is lost, but Moore’s character is “still Alice.”

“Still Alice” is a softly caring and educational film with a tender tone. Moore and co-star Alec Baldwin have a sweet chemistry with Moore carrying most of the film’s emotional punch with her masterful work. I even enjoyed watching Kristen Stewart act, even if she was playing a version of herself in this role. I love smart, true to life based dramas that bring me to tears and make me feel better as a human being for watching them, this is one of those movies.

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

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