“Pitch Perfect 2″ Movie Review

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By: Keith Davis

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Very rarely does a cute and tiny comedy such as “Pitch Perfect” become such a massive hit. Thanks to DVD rentals and a second life by rabid fans the original “Pitch Perfect” film was a shocking surprise. Following in the foot steps of a much beloved camp classic is a hard task. Director and original Executive Producer Elizabeth Banks has done the impossible and has re-created the magic of the first film while keeping a solely original voice for the follow up. True fans of “Pitch Perfect” will be pleasantly surprised if they don’t scrutinize the differences between the two movies and just have fun.

Let’s face it, the first “Pitch Perfect” isn’t high art. If you can dive into the racy jokes, slapstick humor and delightfully cheesy and addictive singing you should have no problem letting go and laughing out loud like I did. Hardcore fans will be relieved to see all the familiar faces from the first movie as well as enjoying some fresh new characters. “Pitch Perfect 2″ offers a few surprise cameos that will please lots of pop culture geeks.

Watching the sequel to “Pitch Perfect” with other fans and people who have seen the movie over 50 times may help with the experience, I know I had a blast. If your goal is to have laugh and have a good time with friends in a dark theater this summer, this is your ticket.

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