Mini-Movie Review: “Buried”

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*** 1/2 STARS

“Buried” is one of the smartest and most original thrillers to come out in years. Ryan Reynolds has scored the perfect breakthrough role worthy of the Academy’s attention as Paul Conroy, the American contractor working in Iraq who finds himself buried alive. Within seconds of the films first frames you can start to feel the theater walls around you slowly closing in. With only a cigarette lighter and a cell phone to help him escape, Conroy is dragged through an emotional hell up until the films intense last few seconds. Director Rodrigo Cortes captures the suffocating and horrific feelings of cramped spaces better than any submarine film or horror movie I have ever seen Hollywood put out. “Buried” squeaks by at a comfy 93 minutes long and keeps you sweating on the edge of your seat the entire time. No political thriller or cheesy, scary movie this year will give you the chills and eerie feelings that “Buried” provides. Alfred Hitchcock would be very proud.



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